Logistics from Morrell International


Morrell International has an extensive track record of success in all aspects of logistics, from shipping and air cargo to trucking, freight forwarding and customs clearance. In the world’s most challenging locales, the company has moved extreme amounts of supplies, construction materials and advanced manufacturing equipment, all without a single security lapse.

Creativity counts in logistics, and Morrell International makes things happen regardless of roadblocks, routinely organizing truck convoys and manufacturing support operations in war-torn regions. For example, when Morrell needed to transport massive bottling plant components into Iraq, the company coordinated the use of Russian Antonov An-24 cargo planes, the only aircraft capable of moving the equipment.

Procurement from Morrell International


Morrell International successfully meets—and exceeds—the procurement needs of the world’s most demanding organizations in the most challenging environments on the planet, all at a blistering pace others regularly dismiss as unachievable.

The company’s exceptional procurement performance is based on an approach that brings together experienced and savvy procurement professionals, state-of-the-art systems, and an extensive and robust global network of suppliers.

With a strong bias for action, Morrell International moves quickly, securing needed supplies and getting them in position, no matter how difficult they are too obtain or transport.

Project Management from Morrell International

Project Management

Project management is a key differentiator for Morrell International, which relies on top managers and expert professionals from around the world to get the very best out of employees, suppliers and contractors.

To successfully employ, at various times, in excess of 4,000 people, the company brings together the expertise of international professionals including entrepreneurs, industrial managers, former military personnel, engineers, food production specialists and humanitarian crisis managers with the essential geography- and culture-specific know-how of local partners.

Morrell International insists that its partners adopt and maintain its high standards, conducting business in a way that gets the job done quickly and professionally while bringing credit to everyone involved.

Staffing from Morrell International


Morrell International covers the staffing waterfront from initial setup to ongoing operation, handling everything from recruiting and training to deploying and managing.

Rapidly deploying teams worldwide that routinely lead the way for others to follow, the company has an advanced onboarding process capable of putting some of the world’s most qualified boots on the ground right away, often in a matter of days.

Morrell International assembles balanced teams of can-do professionals, from creative problem solvers to technical specialists, skilled tradespeople to engineers, pilots to truck drivers. And the company sets up each team for success, no matter how difficult the task or environment.

To achieve the highest levels of staffing success, Morrell International conducts job fairs in key locales worldwide, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. The company scales up for the largest staffing opportunities by forming strategic partnerships with the world’s very best recruiting organizations.

Construction at Morrell International


Time and again, Morrell International has assembled buildings and completed other large-scale construction projects on highly compressed timelines, many of which were dismissed by others as impossible to meet.

Relying on specialized construction managers and at times partnering with leading international engineering firms, Morrell International has built everything from desert man-camps to structured barracks, dining facilities to retail stores, manufacturing plants to high-tech headquarters, usually in locations with limited to no infrastructure.

While continually ensuring the safety of construction personnel and achieving high standards of building quality, the company uses creative, even unorthodox approaches to meet the demanding schedules of its customers. In practice, this has meant using parallel construction methods and assembling interior building components while the exterior is not yet complete.



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