Executive Team

Phil Morrell, CEO, Morrell InternationalPhil Morrell

Founder & Chairman of the Board, Morrell International

Morrell International Founder and Chairman Phil Morrell is responsible for the company’s overall vision and strategy. A self-described “possibility thinker,” Phil won and fulfilled contracts to build and operate eight military dining facilities in Iraq, providing up to 100,000 meals per day to US troops. In addition, his company has been the sole bottled water supplier to the US military in Iraq since 2005, building and operating a network of seven bottling plants across Iraq. Meeting an extremely compressed construction timeline, Phil led his startup’s successful effort to supply housing and catering to thousands of military and security personnel during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. A lifelong entrepreneur, Phil has started other businesses in fields including home remodeling, publishing, landscaping and agriculture brokerage. He has also been involved in real estate acquisition and development for more than 20 years. Dedicated to helping others, Phil has initiated creative philanthropic projects in Iraq, post-Katrina Mississippi and earthquake-ravaged Haiti.


Executive Team


Operations Into the War Zone Olympics Dining Facilities